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Chronology Of The 1933 Houston Everest Flights

Chronology Of The 1933 Houston Everest Flight

MARCH 1932
Headquarters of flight located at College of Aeronautical Engineering, Chelsea. Plan for flight to Mount Everest, submitted by L. V. S. Blacker, considered by Council of Royal Geographical Society.

APRIL 1932
Letter sent to Secretary of State for India by Council of R.G.S., intimating that in their opinion the plan is likely to produce valuable scientific results. Air Ministry grant facilities at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, R.A.F. School of Photography, and Experimental Establishment, Martlesham.
Negotiations with Bristol Aeroplane Company for Pegasus engine. Lord Peel and Colonel John Buchan join the Committee of the flight.

MAY 1932
Official application made to India Office for permission to fly across Nepal. Air Survey Plan made with Geographical Section, General Staff, War Office. Colonel Etherton communicates with British Envoy in Nepal, a former brother officer. British Envoy at Khatmandu intimates the flight is receiving sympathetic consideration from Nepalese Government. Arrangements made for use of Army Department's landing-ground at Purnea.

JUNE 1932
Decided that type I.S.3 Pegasus engine be employed for flight. . . Lord Clydesdale joins the Committee and is later nominated pilot.

JULY 1932
Master of Sempill joins Committee. India Office approached to grant exemption from customs duties, to loan reserve pilot, and various other ranks of R.A.F. in India. Arrangements made for supply of petrol, oil, etc.
Special concessions accorded by P. & O. Steam Navigation Company. Negotiaions opened with Gaumont-British Picture Corporation for filming expedition.

Governmen of Nepal sanctions flight.

Lad Houston approached by Lord Clydesdale to give financial support to expedition.
Lord Lytton and Wing Commander Orlebar join Committee.
India Office grant customs exemption.
Oxygen apparatus and heated clothing selected.
G.H.Q. of Expedition transferred to Grosvenor House, W.1 (October 1932).

Selection of Eagle cameras and accessories made.
Westland PV.3. selected.
Negotiations for personnel, material, and insurance.
Lady Houston supports flight financially.
Pegasus engine ordered from Bristol.

Burnham joins Committee as Honorary Treasurer.
Air Commodore P.F.M. Fellowes appointed chief executive officer.
Flight Lieutenant McIntyre appointed second pilot.
Defence Department, Irish Free State, offer two suitable aeroplanes, gratis, complete with Jaguar engines.

First acceptance test flight carried out at Yeovil.

Westland planes shipped to Karachi in s.s.Dalgoma. Three Moth aeroplanes with executive officer and pilots leave London.

MARCH 1933
Westland aeroplanes unloaded at Karachi.
Colonel P.T. Etherton visits Nepal.
From Karachi by air to Purnea. Inspection at Delhi by H.E. the Viceroy.

APRIL 3rd 1933
First flight over Mount Everest.

APRIL 4th 1933
Flight over Kangchenjunga.

APRIL 19th 1933
Second flight over Mount Everest.

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