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Everest Conquered (Flight Article April 6th 1933)

THE EVEREST EQUIPMENT : On the left, the Westland " Wallace " flown by Fit. Lt, McIntyre

THE EVEREST EQUIPMENT : On the left, the Westland " Wallace " G-ACBR flown by Fit. Lt, McIntyre. On the right the Bristol " Pegasus "engine used in both machines. With 44,000 ft. already to its credit, this engine must have done the 30,000 ft. of the Everest flight easily.

After waiting patiently for suitable weather conditions the Houston Everest Flight achieved its object on April 3, when the Two Westland machines , one piloted by Lord Clydesdale and carrying Col. Blacker as observer and the other flown by Flt. Lt. McIntyre who had with him Mr Bonnett as photographer, flew at a height of but 100 ft. or so over
the Summit of Mount Everest. Starting from Purnea at 8.25 a.m. the machines landed there again at 11.25 a.m.

A number of photographs and films were taken en route and over the crest. It is thought that to complete the
aerial survey another flight will be necessary and permission is being sought.

Mr. Bonnett's oxygen pipe became detached while over the summit and Mr. Mclntyre's hand was blistered from the electric glove heater but neither mishap had serious consequences.

The two Westland machines used are a Houston Westland and a Westland Wallace," both fitted with Bristol Pegasus engines driving wooden airscrews made by the Air Screw Co. Ltd . The machines Were doped with Titanine and equipped with Smiths instruments, K.L.G. plugs and Dunlop wheels. The flight was made on Shell spirit and Castrol oil was used, both standing the low temperatures and air density well.

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