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The 22nd Aircraft Apprentice Entry Graduate.

The following are extracts from the Report by Air Vice-Marshal N. D. K. MacEwen, C.M.G., D.S.O., Air Officer Commanding, Royal Air Force, Halton, upon the occasion of the Passing-Out of the 22nd (September, 1930) Entry of Aircraft Apprentices.

Of the 550 boys originally attested :69 were posted to the Electrical and Wireless School for training as Electricians and Wireless Operator Mechanics 8 were granted discharge by purchase; 21 were discharged as " Unlikely to become efficient airmen "; 9 were discharged on medical grounds ; 3 were remustered to Aircrafthand ; 4 died ; 12 were transferred to junior entries and 14 were transferred from senior entries, leaving 438 to pass-out from Halton

These have been trained as follows :Fitters, Aero Engine, 237 ; Metal Riggers, 172; Fitters, Armourer, 15; and Coppersmiths and Sheet Metal Workers, 14.

As a result of the final examinations :69 _Aircraft apprentices, have been classified as Leading .Aircraftmen; 323 have been classified as'Aircraftmen, First Class ; 38 have been classified as Aircraftmen, Second Class ; 3 aircraft apprentices failed to quality ; and 5 were not examined owing to sickness.
The number of apprentices of this entry who have been classified as either Leading:Aircraftmen or Aircraftmen, First Class, is approximately 90 per cent this is the highest percentage of any entry on passing-out.

The standard of cleanliness of barrack rooms and upkeep of kits and equipment is very satisfactory. On the whole, the general behaviour of the entry has been excellent. In games the entry has been above the average, particularly in swimming; 6 apprentices of this entry have been selected to represent the Command, and one was chosen to represent the Royal Air Force in the Inter-Services Swimming Championships. Efforts have been made, with considerable success, to have every apprentice playing some, if not all forms of sport, the number taking part in no games at all being very small.

As a result of the final examination in educational subjects :21 gained the distinction of obtaining 75 per cent. or more of the total number of marks in addition to these, 350 gained exemption from the educational test for reclassification to Leading Aircraftsman, by obtaining over 50 per cent, but under 75 per cent., while 67 failed to obtain 50 per cent. of the total number of marks.

The results have confirmed the impression formed during the training, that in regard to education the average level of the Fitters has been noticeably higher than that of the Metal Riggers, although among the latter there are a number of outstanding apprentices. The exceptional result obtained by Sergeant Apprentice A. J. Mason is, I think, deserving of special mention. He obtained 90 per cent. at the educational examination and 91 percent at the Central Trade Test Board examination.

The health of the entry has been satisfactory.


Lord Trenchard inspecting the September, 1930, 22nd Entry

Lord Trenchard inspecting the September, 1930, 22nd Entry
On Henderson & Groves Barracks Parade Ground at Halton.

The following is a list of the awards :-
Grand Aggregate:lst Prize: A. J. Mason (Fitter, A.E.) ; 2nd Prize: J. D. Melvin (Fitter, A.E.) 3rd Prize: J. R. Pavey (Fitter, A.E.).
1st Filter, A.E.:A.J. Mason (Fitter, A.E).
1st Metal Rigger:S. C. Williams (Metal Rigger).
1st Coppersmith and Fitter Armourer (combined) :C. L. Yarrow (Fitter Armourer)
1st Educational Subjects:--A. J. Mason (Fitter, A.E.).

Cadetships :
Cadetships have been awarded to A. J. Mason, J. D. Melvin ,
T. W. Bayley, F. E. Croce.
Lord Wakefield Scholarship:
The Lord Wakefield Scholarship has been awarded to A. I. Mason (Fitter, AS:.).
Elliott Memorial Prize
The Elliott Memorial Prize has been awarded to A. J. Mason (Fitter, A.E.).

FLYING OFFICER C. H. L. NEEDHAM, of Halton Camp, has been awarded the- Diploma of Honour and the Medal of the Carnegie Trust of Switzerland, for the rescue of a drowning man from Lake Lugano last year. Flying Officer Needham, who was on holiday at the time, noticed that a swimmer hod disappeared in a deep part of the lake and immediately plunged in, dived several times, and saved the swimmer.