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Prince Philip Flies a Vulcan 24th June 1958
"Flight" Report

On Tuesday of last week (24th June 1958) the Duke of Edinburgh made a 40-minute flight in a Bomber Command Vulcan, starting from R.A.F. Station Wyton, Huntingdonshire, and landing at Farnborough. With W/C. Frank Dodd (C.O. of No. 230 O.C.U., Waddington) as captain, he occupied the co-pilot's seat and took over on several occasions.

The flight followed a tour of the station, during which the royal visitor inspected the three types of V-bomber, Valiant, Victor and Vulcan, and gave the order for a scramble of five Valiants of No. 543 Sqn. He then entered XA900, and W/C. Dodd went through the cockpit check with him. Taking off, the Vulcan made a maximum-rate climb to 40,000ft, followed by a run at over 600 kt.

A simulated atomic-bomb attack on R.A.F. Station Andover ensued, involving a maximum-rate turn away from the target area and a fast let-down to Farnborough, where the aircraft made a demonstration radar-controlled approach and landing. The Duke, who had piloted a Naval Whirlwind from Buckingham Palace to Wyton, later returned in it to London.

Prince Philip Flies a Vulcan 24th June 1958

ROYAL STARTER'S ORDERS: The Duke of Edinburgh at R.A.F. Wyton, Hunts, after he had "scrambled" five Valiants during his visit on June 24 (see item in Col. 1). With him holding a stop watch is the station commander, G/C. E. G. Jones, and on the left is the A.O.C-in-C. Bomber Command, Air Chief Marshal Sir Harry Broadhurst. The time-to-airborne described as "the best yet"was 6 min 39 sec.