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Nieuport Aircraft 1914 -Two Seater Model X

Table Of Contents

Brochure Front Cover
Single Seater Model II
Single Seater Model XI
Two Seater Model X
Nieuport Biplane
Hydroaeroplane Model VI
Nieuport Pilots
Conditions Of Sale

Nieuport Aircraft 1914 - Two Seater Model X

Two Seater Model X
Passenger In Front


Span 40 ft.
Length 27 ft.
Height 9 ft.
Area 247 sq. ft.
Tractor diameter 8 ft.
Wheel diameter 0.560 m.
Track of Landing Chassis 3 ft. 11 in.
Engine 80HP
Weight 8821bs.
Speed 71 m.p.h.

Warping by hand or foot control as specified
by customer
Nieuport patent steel spring shock absorber.

PRICE, 1,240