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Nieuport Aircraft 1914 - The Nieuport Skimmer

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The Nieuport Skimmer 1914


The Skimmer is made up of three parts, the centre hull and two side floats, The dimensions of the centre hull are approximately 20 ft. length, 6ft. 6 in. width. The centre hull has five steps and lifts out of the water very quickly at slow speed.

The dimensions of the lateral floats are approximately 15 ft. 6 in. length, 20 in. width. They are made of three boxes placed one behind the other and movable round a horizontal axis at the rear end, in such a way that at their angle of incidence can be modified at will through a simple gear system. These lateral floats are placed in such a way that their bottom part is a little lower than that of the hull.

As soon as the speed gets up', the centre hull lifts out of the water, owing to its large surface of contact on the water; this lifting of the hull is followed by the lateral floats lifting also and the centre hull comes right off the water as soon as the speed is about 50 k. an hour, that is to say about 32 m.p.h.

At that time, the machine bears only on the six steps of the lateral floats which reduce. the friction to a minimum, and allows of an increase in speed. The lateral floats, being adjustable as regards their incidence, can be made to correspond exactly to the speed which is desired.

The Skimmer is fitted with a 160 H P engine with a 3 metre diameter propeller, fitted on a frame made of steel tubing and placed at the rear of the machine. The starting up is operated by means of a starling handle.

The rudders are placed to the right and to the left of the centre hull and at the stern. The wheel is at the bow. The over-all dimensions of the Skimmer are as follows : length 20 ft., width 10ft., draught 7 in.

PRICE, 400

without Engine