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Nieuport Aircraft 1914 - Conditions Of Sale

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Single Seater Model II
Single Seater Model XI
Two Seater Model X
Nieuport Biplane
Hydroaeroplane Model VI
Nieuport Pilots
Conditions Of Sale


Our goods are sold subject to the following conditions :-
Payment: one-third with order, the balance against delivery in our works at Issy-les-Moulineaux.

With reference to delivery delays, we can only accept same as dating from the day when first payment of one-third has been made.

In the event of the customer not taking delivery of the goods as and when ready, the deposit of one third paid will be retained by the company in lieu of damages.

Packing and carriage charges are to be paid by customer and the goods are in transit at customers' own risks.
Our deliveries being always checked before despatch, we cannot be responsible for damages or shortage of goods on delivery.

GUARANTEE.-Our guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement or repair free of charge within three months from the date of delivery of parts defective through defective material or workmanship. Those parts must be sent to us carriage paid and accompanied by an intimation from the sender that he desires to have same repaired free of charge under our guarantee.

Failing compliance wilh the above, no notice will be taken of anything which may arrive, but such articles will lie at works at the risk of the sender, and this guarantee, and any implied guarantee, shall not be enforceable.

We guarantee only those machines which are bought either direct from us or from one of our duly authorised agents, and under no other conditions.

W e are not responsible for any defect that may arise after alteration, transformation and repair made to our goods outside of our own Works at Issy-les-Moulineaux.

.We reserve ourselves the right to modify alter or improve our goods at any time.

The price of our goods is understood in . s. d. and invoices are rendered accordingly.

The term agent is used in a complimentary sense only and those firms we style our agents are not authorised to advertise, incur any debts, or transact any business whatsoever on our account, other than the sale as principals of goods which they may purchase from us, nor are they authorised to give any warrant or make any representation on our behalf other than that contained in the guarantee herein.